Friday, December 16, 2011

Pre-Approval and Sponsorship

Yesterday we learned that we had been pre-approved by the Chinese government to adopt Cooper.  What the pre-approval means is that the Chinese government has associated our names in official correspondence, we have his physical address so we can send a care package, and the Chinese government is moving forward to finalize our official approval.

When we first gave notification that we were planning to adopt Cooper, our agency asked us if we were willing to sponsor him while he was still under Chinese government care.  Of course we said yes.  Apparently CCAI sponsors lots of kids, and Cooper is one of them.  When you are a sponsor, you get quarterly updates from the foster care provider on your sponsored child.  We are now his official sponsors, and now we can say that we are already providing for little Cooper.  Once CCAI gave us access to his "sponsorship" file, we got to see his previous three quarterly updates.  There were some new photos and some new information, but most was information we already knew.  Here is his 9-month old photo. 

The process is exciting, but we have more time to wait.  Christmas is here and we can't help but smile and think about next Christmas... with Cooper.

Merry Christmas.  R&R.