Thursday, June 13, 2013

PICU Day #3

Today was much more eventful than yesterday.  This morning, Cooper's surgical team decided that he could be extabated after he was given an epideral. So around 10 we got to watch one of the anesesiologists give his epideral, and then around 2pm, Cooper came out of his sleep and they pulled out his breathing tube.  He was very upset at first, he cried and whined for about two hours. But after some drugs he is back with us!  The nurses removed several of his 'tubes' and he seems to be recovering. His face and extremities are very swollen. He does have a pitiful little growley voice, but he still has a great sense if humor. He played peekaboo with the nurse that pulled out his tube!

One of Cooper's favorite things that is attached to him is his oxygen detector (I'm sure that's not the technical term).  Here's a picture of him and his ET toe!
We will remain in the PICU for at least another day.  Later this evening, the surgical team plans on taking out Cooper's drains... Just another step towards getting completely unplugged!  We have a sleeping room again tonight, so we will be on rotating watch.  We are also very grateful for Grizzy making the trip between Colorado Springs and Denver and taking care of our house and dogs during this time.  We couldn't have done it without her!

We have been keeping a close eye on the situation back home. The Black Forest Fire has created such chaos in our beloved city.  We are praying for everyone that has been affected, it is such a tragedy. 

Much Love from Denver,

Ryan, Ronda, and Cooper

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