Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pearl Market, Pet Market and Shamian Island

First I want to say that my heart is breaking for my city that I love. We have been trying to stay up to date with the fire. It is so very sad. I am sending my prayers.

Cooper at Breakfast

Today was a free day. Our guides organized a shopping trip for us so we left the hotel at 11:00am to head off to the Pearl Market. It is a six story shopping mall filled with pearls and any other kind of bead or stone imaginable. We went to a store on the top floor where we got a lesson on pearls. There are many classes of pearls and the price ranges depending on the quality of the pearl. I've read about this market before and knew I wanted to purchase a strand. My hope is to someday give them to Cooper's wife. I decided on a high quality stand (so they say) and they string them right there and add a beautiful clasp. I think they are beautiful and I'm very happy with my purchase.

Pearl Market

Strands of Pearls for Sale

We left the shopping mall to walk to the famous Shamian Island. Most all adopting families used to stay at The White Swan Hotel which is located on the island but it is now closed for renovations. The quaint island has many Western influences. We walked from the Pearl Market to get to the island. We passed a pet market and a spice market. They are two things that would never pass strict American health and safety codes but were quite interesting to see. Walking to the island I started to feel very dizzy and sick to my stomach. We decided to have lunch first at a restaurant called Lucy's. It is a popular eating establishment for adopting families because they serve American food. Before we got to the restaurant it started to downpour. The rain does not cool anything off here. It just makes it more humid. Have I mentioned its very hot and humid here? At the restaurant I started to feel worse so unfortunately we had to cut our time on the island short. I'm pretty sure I had heat exhaustion. We took a taxi back to our hotel and I slept all afternoon. We were in the taxi about 20 minutes and it only cost about $4.00!

Lizards on a Stick! Yummy!

Fish for Sale at the Pet Market

Spices on Wholesale

Ryan, Grizzy, and Cooper Cruising Through the Market

Ryan and Grizzy spent the afternoon entertaining Cooper while I slept. He is such a smart little guy. I really can't wait for everyone to meet him. Tomorrow is the day we have been waiting for, our US Consulate appointment. ~Ronda



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